Licensed premises practice note

3rd August 2018

The licensed premises practice note has been updated following the provision of additional information from the licensed trade. This is a technical update that may alter the analysis of rental information and corresponding valuations where an appeal is in place.

The updated PN is available here

New website for Valuation Appeal Committee decisions

27th April 2018

The Scottish Valuation Appeal Committee Forum has launched a new website
This website provides VAC contact details and links to hearing lists. VACs will also publish valuation appeal decisions on this website.

Scottish Valuation Appeal Committees website

Barclay Review Action Plan update

7th February 2018

The action plan first published on 29 September 2017 has been updated with the progress that has been achieved by Assessors towards implementation of improvements to the rating system highlighted by the Barclay Review Group’s recommendation 12.

Barclay Report Recommendation 12 – SAA Action Plan

Shooting Rights and Deer Forests information forms

30th January 2018

Work is currently being carried out to ensure that Assessors have the remainder of shooting rights and deer forests valued. Land Managers and their agents should look out for any information requests from Assessors and ensure they are completed and returned.