Valuation Appeal Committee

Although every effort will be made to discuss your appeal with you on an informal basis it may be that this will not be possible because of the number of individual appeals lodged. In such circumstances you will receive a notice of hearing to appear before a Valuation Appeal Committee (VAC). If this happens you will still be able to discuss your appeal with the Assessor or a member of his staff and may be able to resolve the matter. If not the VAC will hear your appeal and the Assessor’s response.

There are two local Valuation Appeal Committees in the Dunbartonshire Valuation Joint Board Area. Both Valuation Appeal Committees come under the umbrella of the Argyll & Bute, Dunbartonshire and Glasgow Valuation Appeal Panel, but are to a large extent autonomous Committees and each would normally deal with appeals in its own area.

The Argyll & Bute Valuation Appeal Committee deals with appeals in the part of Argyll west of Loch Long, along with the Isle of Bute. The Committee can be contacted through the Assistant Secretary Alan Urquhart at The Studio, 9 Waterside Street, Largs, KA30 9LN.

The Dunbartonshire Valuation Appeal Committee deals with appeals in East and West Dunbartonshire along with the part of Argyll & Bute east of Loch Long (Lomond area). The Committee can be contacted through the Assistant Secretary Alan Urquhart at The Studio, 9 Waterside Street, Largs, KA30 9LN.

Valuation Appeal Committees (VAC) comprise a chairperson and (usually) between three and six other members, all of whom are drawn from a panel of local people appointed by the Sheriff Principal. They are all unpaid and completely independent of the Assessor and your local council. The VAC hearing your case will have no prior information about your property, the grounds of your appeal or of the Assessor’s response. They will deal with the appeal on the basis of the evidence that they hear on the day.

The Secretary (or Assistant Secretary), who is usually a solicitor and is also appointed by the Sheriff Principal, will assist the VAC. The secretary does not take any part in reaching a decision in your case but is there to advise the VAC on legal matters and may take part in the hearing by, for example asking you (or the Assessor) questions.

Further information on the Valuation Appeal Committee can be found at

Notice of Hearing

At least 105 days (35 days for Council Tax) before the VAC is to consider your appeal, the Assistant Secretary will send you a notice giving details of the date, time and place of the hearing. Other cases will be sent a notice of hearing for the same date and time and an exact time for your case being called cannot be provided. The Assessor however is involved in every case and will be able to give you informal guidance if you ask. If you are unable to attend on the appointed date you should contact the Assistant Secretary as soon as you receive the notice. The VAC will only agree to change the date if it considers that you have a good reason. The VAC can postpone or adjourn a hearing at any time but it will give you as much notice as possible.