Land Valuation Schedule Form

This page is only applicable if you have received a form from the Assessor for Fife Council of the type Land Valuation Schedule. Forms of this type include the words ‘Land Valuation Schedule’ above the date of issue.

If the form you have received is of any other type (e.g. Return of Rental Information) please DO NOT USE THIS PAGE and instead follow the instructions on the form for returning your information to us.

If there are any changes to:

  • Landlord/Owner
  • Tenant1
  • Subtenant1
  • Current rent amount1
  • Current rent effective date1

or if there have been alterations or other changes to the property since the last data you supplied to us, then please provide details in the Land Valuation Schedule Return of Information form.

Note: Items marked with 1 above are not applicable to owner-occupied properties. The rental details requested are regarding the rent payed by a tenant to the landlord, not the hire charges for a customer of a self-catering holiday let.

If there have been NO CHANGES to any of the above, please complete the following declaration.

  • Declaration

  • This is the nine-digit reference number on the paper form we issued to you.
  • This is the unique reference number of the form issued to you. It appears just below the UARN.
  • If you wish to provide declarations covering more than one unchanged property, please upload a file containing the list of UARNs and Form IDs.
  • DECLARATION - To the best of my knowledge and belief, there are no changes to the particulars required by this schedule.