Valuation Roll Histories

This particular facility was developed following consultation with Portal users.

Using the Rateable Values Search on the SAA or a particular Assessor’s Home Page and subsequently refining your search (using council area, street etc) to identify an individual property allows you to click in the “More Information” column which will result in a page detailing information from the current valuation roll about the individual subject you have selected.

By clicking on “Valuation History” you can access information on the 2017 Revaluation entry (or post revaluation new entry) and all subsequent changes to that entry. By clicking on the up/down arrow in the “Status” column you can change the display order of the information. The reason for each change of rateable value is shown along with the effective date of the change and the date of issue of the relevant Valuation Notice.

The “Make an appeal” button allows you to lodge an appeal (subject to time limits) on any of the entries displayed. (Please note that by default the appeal form displays the “current” entry but this can be updated on completion of the form).

Clicking on the Pre-Revaluation 2017 tab provides details of the entry based on a “snapshot” of the valuation roll in March 2017. However this information is not maintained or updated and will not show subsequent changes eg 2016/17 appeal adjustments.