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Qualifying to Vote

To qualify to be registered to vote you must be resident or deemed resident in the registration area, a British, other Commonwealth, Irish or European Union citizen aged 16 or over. 14 and 15 year-olds can register but cannot vote until they are 16 (Scottish Parliamentary and local government elections) or 18 (UK and European Parliamentary elections) and not subject to any legal incapacity.

Citizens of the European Union may only register as local government and Scottish Parliamentary electors in the first instance. If they so wish, they can then register as European Parliamentary electors. European Union Citizens do not have the right to vote at UK Parliamentary elections.



Cyprus and Malta are Commonwealth countries, in addition to being new EU states. Accession to the EU therefore has no effect on the status of their citizens, who can continue to register to vote in elections for local government, the European Parliament, the Westminster Parliament and the Scottish Parliament, as appropriate, in the way that they have done in the past. (The same position obtains for Irish Citizens)

For registration purposes, the whole of Cyprus is considered to be a Commonwealth country. Citizens of Cyprus holding a passport from either the Republic of Cyprus or the Republic of Northern Cyprus are entitled to be included in the register of electors as Commonwealth citizens. However, anyone with a Turkish passport is not entitled to register.