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Issue of Self-Catering Unit Letters

The Assessor for Fife Council has recently issued letters to occupiers of self-catering units which were entered on the Valuation Roll in Fife as at 31st March 2022 and still have a current Valuation Roll entry. The letter requests completion of a declaration and provision of associated evidence for the financial year 01/04/22-31/03/23. If you have received a self-catering letter, please complete the declaration, and return the required information within 28 days of the date of the letter as failure to do so may result in the self-catering unit being deleted from the Valuation Roll and entered on the Council Tax with effect from 01/04/2022.

Non-Domestic Rating- Publication of the 2023 Valuation Roll

2023 revaluation rateable values came into force on the 1st April 2023. This follows release of draft 2023 revaluation rateable values on 30 November 2022. Revaluation Notices have been issued to proprietors, tenants and occupiers of properties listed on the Valuation Roll.
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For more information on Revaluation Notices, making a Proposal and Rented Property Lists, please follow the link below.


Non-Domestic Rating – Publication of the Draft Valuation Roll

The Draft Valuation Roll for the 2023 Revaluation was published on the 30th November 2022.

All non-domestic properties, other than those excluded by law, will be revalued for rating purposes on 1st April 2023 when the 2023 Valuation Roll comes into force. The rateable values contained in the Draft Valuation Roll indicate the value provisionally set to come into force when the 2023 Revaluation takes place. Revaluation 2023 will be the first non-domestic revaluation since 1st April 2017, with revaluations scheduled to take place every three years thereafter.

Assessor Information Notice

You may have received an Assessor Information Notice from the Assessor for Fife Council. Assessor Information Notices are being issued to ingather information for the completion of the 2023 revaluation. The 2023 revaluation will come into force on the 1st April 2023 and is a general revaluation of all non-domestic properties entered in the Valuation Roll. If you have received an Assessor Information Notice, please complete and return the Notice as soon as possible.


In accordance with Government advice and guidelines relating to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Fife Assessor Service staff are working from home and the office has been closed to public access. This may impact on service delivery but we aim to respond to enquiries as soon as we can in the current circumstances. The Service can be accessed by email to: [email protected] or by telephoning 03451 55 55 33 and leaving a voicemail message.

Return of Information – Lands Valuation Schedule

The Assessor for Fife Council has recently issued Lands Valuation Schedule letters to all non-domestic Proprietors (owners) in Fife. If you receive this letter, please complete the online form, even if your information remains unchanged.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule please do not hesitate to contact the Assessor Service at email [email protected].