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Coronavirus outbreak

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Assessors have closed their office buildings in line with the Government’s advice. Assessors and Electoral Registration Officers are working to ensure that a reduced level of service continues to be delivered through home working and other measures where that is possible, however, it is not possible to guarantee that all services can be delivered at this time.

If you require to contact an Assessor or Electoral Registration Officer please do so by email.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Assessors are aware of the health issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic and are doing all they can to follow the Government’s advice and to ensure the health and well-being of the public and their staff. Public access to most Assessor’s offices is currently unavailable and Assessors are seeking to ensure that services will continue to be delivered through home working and other measures where that is possible. If you require to contact the Assessor’s service please do so by email or telephone.

New Practice Notes published

Practice Notes for Fixed Line Telecommunications Networks and Rural Broadband Subjects are now available online. A technical update has been made to the Hospitals and Health Centres & Primary Care Centres Practice Notes. Updated versions are available on this website.

Licensed premises practice note

The licensed premises practice note has been updated following the provision of additional information from the licensed trade. This is a technical update that may alter the analysis of rental information and corresponding valuations where an appeal is in place.

The updated PN is available here

New website for Valuation Appeal Committee decisions

The Scottish Valuation Appeal Committee Forum has launched a new website https://scotvac.org
This website provides VAC contact details and links to hearing lists. VACs will also publish valuation appeal decisions on this website.

Scottish Valuation Appeal Committees website

Barclay Review Action Plan update

The action plan first published on 29 September 2017 has been updated with the progress that has been achieved by Assessors towards implementation of improvements to the rating system highlighted by the Barclay Review Group’s recommendation 12.

Barclay Report Recommendation 12 – SAA Action Plan