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Information regarding Council Tax, valuation for rating and electoral registration can be found on this site. The SAA Portal provides all Scotland Valuation Rolls & Council Tax Lists on-line.

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Consultation – Closes 10th December 2021

Review of Basic Principles Committee Practice Note 2 Contractor’s Basis Valuations-Section 8.0 - Obsolescence Allowances

The Scottish Assessors’ Association is conducting a review of Section 8.0 (including associated Appendix 1) of its Basic Principles Committee Practice Note 2- Contractor’s Basis Valuations, in preparation for Revaluation 2023.

The consultation will be open from the 12th November until the 10th December 2021.

To take part in the consultation click here to be taken to the consultation documentation.

Internet Explorer v11 No Longer Supported

The SAA Portal no longer supports Internet Explorer (IE) browsers - this includes all versions up to and including v11. We advise existing IE users to switch to any other modern browser including, but not limited to, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Expansion of Valuations – Pilot Launch

We have just soft launched an expansion of the types of detailed valuation available at the portal. The aim is to prove the concept through a phased roll-out of valuations for additional property types, including Shooting Rights, Self-Catering Units and Schools, as steps towards providing a wider range of valuations at the 2023 Revaluation. During this pilot, coverage will not be Scotland-wide but a sample can be found using the link below. If you have any comments on the new valuations, please tell us by using the feedback link at the foot of the page.

Sample valuation

Non-Domestic Rates (Scotland) Act 2020

The Scottish Parliament introduced new procedures that changed how Assessors gather information relevant to the valuation of properties for non-domestic rates. The procedures include the application of civil penalties where a person does not comply with a request for information. Failure to respond to an Assessor Information Notice could result in penalties of up to 71% of the Rateable Value of the property.

The Guidance Note below outlines how Assessors will approach information gathering and provides advice on how ratepayers and their representatives can pro-actively provide the information required

Assessor Information Notices and Civil Penalty Procedures Guidance Note

Scottish Assessors Association Portal – Mapping

In consultation with Scottish Government and Portal users we are introducing a new Portal Mapping Browser that is linked to our live Valuation Roll Portal database. We have added a map search icon for Rateable Value searches and a map view for valuation roll search results. Portal users will find this on both the home page and advanced search facilities.

Over 90% of all Valuation Roll properties can be shown on a map and we will seek to continuously improve this going forward. We welcome feedback on the map functions and if you have any suggestions for improvement, please send your comments to portalmapfeedback@saa.gov.uk

TLS v1.2 upgrade

The SAA Portal is upgrading the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to version 1.2 on Monday, 13th July to ensure compliance with national standards. After this date, older browsers may not be supported, including any Internet Explorer Browser prior to v11. Portal AALS users will also need to ensure compliance with TLS v1.2 and can email aals@saa.gov.uk for more information.