Return of Information

Return of Information Form - About

Welcome to the Scottish Assessors' online Return of Information system. You can now use this online system for your return of information details.

Simply select the appropriate Assessor region and input the UARN (Unique Assessors Reference Number) into the box below. This will have been supplied on the return of information form that was posted to you. If you were issued a "Form-ID" on your return of information form, please supply this as well.

You should find that the online form can be completed in approximately 5 minutes, or less, depending on the amount of information you need to supply.

If you have any difficulty in completing this form, please contact your local assessor's office at the telephone number supplied on the form issued to you.

Privacy Statement

When you complete this online form it will be made available to the local assessor who deals with the valuation of the selected property.

Any personal data is collected in the performance of a task carried out in the public interest and in the exercise of official authority. All data supplied will be used for the purposes of The Valuation Acts and in accordance with data protection legislation.

Assessors will not share personal information unless they are required to do so or it is necessary to carry out their duties.

Further detail on how any personal data will be used, shared and disposed of, along with your rights is available at [opens in a new window]