Getting added to the Register of Electors


A system of rolling registration is in operation which allows regularĀ  updates to be made . Both household and individual application forms are available to register throughout the year.

You can register online at or can request a from either by emailing [email protected] or calling 01786 892289.

When the form or your online application is received you will be added to our list of new applications. Other electors may object to your name being added to the Register. Should this occur we will write to you with an explanation. If there are no objections we will amend your details within 2-6 weeks of receipt and send written confirmation.

We will inform the Electoral Registration Officer for your old address that you have moved. Your name can then be removed from that Register.

How long does it take to get my details on the Register of Electors?

The Register is updated at the beginning of each month and your details will take between 2 and 6 weeks to be updated depending on when your application is received.


A table of dates is available below:

Registration Timetable 2023
Eligible date for addition or change to register: Last Date for Receipt of Forms Comments
3 January 2024 12 December 2023
1 February 2024 10 January 2024
1 March 2024 8 February 2024
1 April 2024 8 March 2024
1 May 2024 9 April 2024
3 June 2024 10 May 2024
1 July 2024 7 June 2024
1 August 2024 10 July 2024
2 September 2024 9 August 2024
1 October 2024 9 September 2024
1 November 2024 10 October 2024