Council Tax Proposals

Council Tax Proposals

If you are the owner of the property or the person liable to pay Council Tax for it, you can lodge a proposal to alter the Council Tax band with the Assessor.

Proposals can now be submitted online by using an interactive form. Initially, you should go to the Glasgow Home Page, see link below, and using the Council Tax Search facility identify the entry in the Council Tax Valuation List for the property concerned. When you click on “Select Property” you will find a link to the online proposal form accompanied by detailed guidance notes.

On receipt of the proposal, the Assessor will send you an acknowledgement by e-mail or post. The Assessor will subsequently write to inform you whether or not your appeal is valid.

Citing of Appeals

If your proposal cannot be resolved within six months, it will be refered to the Valuation Appeal Committee as a formal appeal. The Committee will hear your appeal within its normal cycle of hearings. You will be sent formal notification of the date in the form of a citation from the Secretary to the Valuation Appeal Committee. Citations are issued at least 35 days prior to the hearing date and provide details of the appeal procedure. The majority of appeals are resolved without the need to appear at the hearing and the Secretary to the Panel encourages all appellants to discuss their appeal with the Assessor prior to the hearing. Contact details for the valuer handling your appeal are normally included within your citation.

Council Tax Appeal Procedure

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