Annual Canvass Response Service

Why am I receiving this email?

The Electoral Registration Officer is required to conduct an Annual Canvass of all electors on the register each year. You can use this service to let us know if there has been no changes or to indicate any updates to those that should/should no longer be on the electoral register. Only one response per household is required.

Others in your household may have received an email as well.


Why is the link to a Third Party Site?

To provide an effective and efficient service the Electoral Registration Officer uses a third party service from IDOX Limited to manage returns for the Annual Canvass. This service should be used to make a response to our Annual Canvass Communication you have received.

Their website is


Make your household return.

You will require the 2 part security codes from your communication email.

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Where did you get my email address?

We collect email addresses through a number of processes with electors and are only used for electoral registration purposes. If you wish us to remove your email address from our records, you can request this by emailing [email protected] with the subject “Please remove my email address”.