Electoral Registration, Postal & Proxy Votes

Contact Numbers for Registration and Postal & Proxy Votes

Telephone 01786-892289

Fax 01786-892255

To email the ERO use: registration@centralscotland-vjb.gov.uk

Contact Numbers for Registration and Postal & Proxy Votes

Telephone 01786-892289

Fax 01786-892255

Links to Local Council Websites

Clackmannanshire Council

Falkirk Council

Stirling Council

Electoral Registration

Applications to register to vote and change registration details can be made at any time during the year. Changes notified throughout the year will become effective from the next date in the registration timetable (see table of dates in “Getting Added to the Register” section – link below) Should an election be announced, electors would have a facility to register to vote provided that fully completed forms and any documentary evidence required was provided twelve (12) working days before polling day.

Getting Added to the Register

FAQ’s – Electoral Registration and Voting

Frequently asked questions in regard to Electoral Registration and the answers to them can be viewed through the link below

Registration FAQ’s Frequently asked questions in regard to Voting and the answers to them can be viewed through the link below

Voting FAQ’s

Electoral Commission

A link to the Electoral Commissions “About My Vote” website is provided below. This is a good source of information in regard to Electoral Registration.

About My Vote

Viewing the Register

The current Electoral Register can be viewed at various locations in the area. A link to a list of locations is provided below.

Register Viewing

Electoral Registration Statistics

National Records of Scotland maintains a comprehensive set of electoral statistics for Scotland. These can be accessed by clicking the link below.

National Records of Scotland

Applications to Register and to Vote by Post or Proxy

Anyone who has moved address, changed their name or who cannot remember returning a Voter Registration form last autumn should check whether they are registered or not The Register can be checked in the local library (see link above “Register Viewing and Statistics”) or you can contact our office with details of who should be registered and we can confirm who is registered .

European Union citizens can vote in all local government elections and Scottish Parliament elections if they apply to register to vote. To vote in a European Parliament election an additional form is also required to be completed (only relevant in European Parliament election year) The form is available to download Click the link below

Contact ERO for both registering to vote and applying for a Postal Vote

Forms in regard to being added to the Register of Electors, being registered to vote in the UK at a European Parliament Election and applying to Vote by Post or Proxy are available to download.(see “Downloadable Electoral Forms” link below)

Downloadable Electoral Forms

Electoral Privacy Impact Assessment

Our Electoral Privacy Impact Assessment is available to view by clicking the link below

Freedom of Information