Council Tax Banding

The Assessor is responsible for placing every domestic property into one of 8 Council Tax valuation bands.

The valuation band reflects the capital value that each dwelling would have achieved if it had been available for sale on the open marked at 1 April 1991. Certain additional assumptions apply in the case of agriculture, crofting, fish farming and forestry related dwellings.

View Council Tax valuation bands for all domestic properties.

The Council Tax valuation list is a list of all dwellings including their addresses and the band to which each is allocated. The list does not contain details of the properties’ tenants or occupiers.

The Assessor is responsible only for the determination of which band applies to a property. The amount of Council Tax that you pay is set by your local authority. For more information, please visit:

For information on water and wastewater charges, please visit Scottish Water’s website.