Council Tax Bands

Range of Values Band
Up to £27,000 A
Over £27,000 and up to £35,000 B
Over £35,000 and up to £45,000 C
Over £45,000 and up to £58,000 D
Over £58,000 and up to £80,000 E
Over £80,000 and up to £106,000 F
Over £106,000 and up to £212,000 G
Over £212,000 H

The Council Tax Valuation List

The Council Tax Valuation List is a public document and contains the addresses and Council Tax bands of all domestic properties in the valuation area. It can be inspected at the local Assessor’s office. You can check the Council Tax Valuation List entry for any domestic property in Scotland by using the search facility on the SAA or individual Assessor’s Home Page on this site.

Council Tax Billing and Collection

Local councils carry out the levying and collection of the Council Tax. Queries relating to Council Tax levels, discounts, exemptions, benefits, change of address, billing and arrears should be addressed to the levying authority.