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Postal and Proxy Voting


Postal Voting

To apply for a Postal Vote is very simple, you can ask for a postal vote just because you want to; no reason needs to be given.

Voting by Post involves the issue of your ballot paper to an address of your choice, and the marking, by you, of your vote on the ballot paper. That ballot paper then requires to be returned by the close of poll on polling day.

You can find more information on voting by post and download an application by clicking on the link below

Apply to vote by post | Electoral Commission

For electors registered in Argyll & Bute Council area please return your application form to Electoral Registration Office, Kilbrannan House, Bolgam Street, CAMPBELTOWN, PA28 6JY.

For electors registered in West Dunbartonshire Council area and East Dunbartonshire Council area please return your application form to The Electoral Registration Office, 235 Dumbarton Road, CLYDEBANK, G81 4XJ.

If you are unsure where your local Electoral Registration Office is please use the following link to find this information based on your postcode.

Click here to find your local Electoral Registration Office

Proxy Voting

To apply for a Proxy vote is more restricted and requires a reason to be given. Reasons for Indefinite or particular period applications could be because of physical incapacity, work or educational absences, which may mean the applicant is regularly away from home.

Voting by Proxy involves your appointment of another person to vote on your behalf. This can be anyone as long as they themselves are qualified to vote at the election in question and have not already been appointed as Proxy for more than two persons to whom they are not related. Applications can be made for an indefinite period or a particular period or for a particular election only.

You may wish to apply for a particular election because you will be on holiday, on a business trip or are on a short-term hospital stay. These are just some of the acceptable circumstances, but there are others and if you are not sure you should contact the Electoral Registration Officer as soon as you know that you will be unable to vote in person.



If you are unable to vote in person, you can apply to vote by proxy (someone else voting on your behalf). You can apply to vote by proxy for a particular election, for a set period of time or for all future elections.

You need to get the right application form in order to vote by proxy. Look at the different application forms on the following website and return to the correct office accordingly.

Apply to vote by proxy | Electoral Commission


At elections there are statutory closing dates for Postal and Proxy Vote applications being received by the Electoral Registration Officer and so it is vital that you make the first contact as early as possible after the date of the Election is known.

Application forms for Registration and Postal or Proxy votes are available online. The forms must be printed and returned completed and signed to the Electoral Registration Officer.

Electoral Registration Enquiries

[email protected] – Argyll & Bute Council


[email protected] – West Dunbartonshire Council


[email protected] – East Dunbartonshire Council