On-line Proposal

To lodge a proposal on-line use the Council Tax Bands search on the Grampian Home Page to help identify the individual property concerned. Click on the address in the “Select Property” column and click on the “Make a proposal” button at the bottom right hand corner of the page to bring up the Online Council Tax Proposals page where the proposal form and further detailed guidance to help you through the process can be found.

You will receive an e-mailed acknowledgement (if you provide an e- mail address) that the Assessor has received your submission. The assessor will subsequently write to you to confirm if your proposal is valid or if further information is required (eg evidence to confirm that a new occupier complies with the six month rule).

Alternatively, you can obtain, from the Assessor, a Proposal Form which can be completed and posted.

The Assessor or a member of his staff will discuss your proposal with you and if it cannot be resolved (within six months), will be referred to the Valuation Appeal Committee as a formal Appeal to be heard by the Committee. The Committee will hear your appeal within its normal cycle of hearings and you will be sent formal notification of the date and time of the hearing and details of the Appeal procedure.