Non-Domestic Proposals

From 1 April 2023 appeals against an entry in a Valuation Roll must be initiated by the submission of a proposal which is referred to as a Non-Domestic Proposal on this website.

Non-domestic proposals can me made through this website using our online form and details of how to make a proposal can be found here.
Using our online form is the best way to ensure you make a proposal that complies with the legislative requirements and can then be considered by the Assessor.

Non-domestic proposals are the mechanism for proposing an alternative value, to the relevant Assessor, where you believe your value is incorrect. You should review your value, any supplied valuation calculations, and if available, rented property lists provided on this website before deciding whether to make a proposal.

As part of a competent proposal submission, you must provide the specific reasons (grounds) for making your proposal and provide any accompanying evidence that supports your grounds. You must also provide a statement which explains how any evidence you have supplied supports your grounds of appeal. Our online form allows you to upload common document types as part of your proposal submission and you can save your progress if you need to ingather more information.

Proposals can only be made against a single entry in the Valuation Roll and if you are submitting a proposal on behalf of someone else, you must provide evidence of your authority to act on their behalf.

You can only make a proposal for a particular property if you have an interest in the property as either property owner (Proprietor), tenant or sub-tenant (Occupier). If you do not appear in the valuation roll for the entry you are making a proposal for, you can upload evidence that you have an interest within our online form.

Time limits for Making a Proposal

Revaluation 31 July in the year of revaluation  (31 August 2023 for the 2023 revaluation)
New owners, tenants or occupiers within 4 months of acquiring an interest in a property
New entries or altered entries within 4 months of the issue of the notice advising the new or altered entry
Error up to the last day before the next revaluation (31 March 2026 for the 2023 revaluation)
Material Change in Circumstances 4 months after the roll ceases to be in force (31 July 2026 for the 2023 revaluation)

Proposals on the grounds of Error and Material Change of Circumstances should only be submitted once you have read the additional information and definitions contained within the Error and MCC page on the main SAA site. Such proposals are limited in scope within legislation.

Information on how to submit a Non-Domestic proposal can be found here.