Annual Canvass

To know who is eligible to vote we need to confirm who lives at each address in the Grampian area. We are required by law to carry out an annual canvass.

Household Enquiry Forms are delivered to all households in Grampian in late Summer/early Autumn.

The Household Enquiry Form is not a registration form but you do need to provide the information requested as soon as possible.

Once the Household Enquiry Form has been responded to, any new eligible resident can register themselves at (Opens in a new window)

Remember, the Register is not only used at elections. Credit Reference Agencies are legally entitled to copies of the Register and if they cannot locate your name you may find difficulty in obtaining credit for a loan or mortgage etc.

You can use the Household Form to ask for a Postal Voting Application Form and to choose to have your name excluded from the Open Register (formerly known as the Edited Register), which is available for general sale.

More information about Electoral Registration