News: July 2022

Annual Electoral Canvass – Email Reminders

13th July 2022

As part of our annual canvass of electors, an email communication has been sent to a number of households where we hold email addresses, asking for you to update us on eligible persons living in your home. We will shortly be sending follow up emails to those we have not yet heard from.

Our emails have been sent using a secure messaging service, and as such are branded in much the same way as many Government communications. If you are unsure about the authenticity of an email, please contact our offices on 0141 562 1200 (EDC and WDC) or 01586 555300 (Argyll & Bute).

2022 Annual Canvass – Register of Electors

1st July 2022

2022 Annual Canvass - Register of Electors

All properties in Argyll & Bute, West Dunbartonshire & East Dunbartonshire will receive an initial canvass communication in July 2022.
You should follow instructions supplied to ensure all residents in your property are registered to vote.

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