Non Domestic Valuation

The Assessor is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the Valuation Roll. The Rateable Values contained within the Valuation Roll are used by local authorities as the base for collecting Non-Domestic rates, therefore if you require help with rates relief or to query a bill you have received then please contact the issuing local authority using the details provided on your bill.


The Assessor is required to issue a Valuation Notice to the Proprietor, Tenant and Occupier named in the Valuation Roll when the Valuation Roll is amended. The Reason for issue is shown on the front of the notice. Most recently Assessors’ have issued Revaluation Notices as a result of the 2023 Revaluation which is effective from 01 April 2023.

The top of your notice will detail if it is a ‘Revaluation Notice’ or a ‘Valuation Notice’ – please select the relevant button below for more information.

Revaluation Notice Information                                            Valuation Notice Information

In certain circumstances Proprietors, Tenants and Occupiers are entitled to lodge a proposal against their Rateable Value and more detailed information on this can be read here.

If any of the Proprietor, Tenant or Occupier names shown on the notice are incorrect, please make the necessary amendments here or contact the Assessor at the contact address shown on the notice.