Annual Canvass

The Register is updated monthly between January and September to add new electors and to deal with address changes etc. This procedure is suspended thereafter to allow the annual canvass of households to take place and time for preparation of the new Register. Forms are issued to each household,requesting details of eligible residents. The information obtained during the canvass then helps EROs to identify changes that need to be followed up.

Electors can choose to have their names excluded from the version of the Register made available for sale (the “Open Register”) whilst remaining on the version used at elections (the “Full Register”). The intention behind the change is to safeguard the privacy of electors and restrict unwanted “junk mail”. In relation to the interests of the democratic process however the Full Register, which is a public document, is available for inspection throughout registration areas at public libraries, some council offices and at the offices of the ERO.

If you are unable to find your name in the Register of Electors, or if you are unable to check the Register personally, contact the ERO for assistance. For privacy reasons, Registration staff are normally unable to disclose Register information over the telephone, but will be happy to write to you to confirm your details if you wish.