How to make a Non-Domestic proposal

Before deciding to make a proposal you should check all the information for your property by searching for it using the Rateable Value search on the home page.

Most non-domestic properties have additional information such as the valuations and list of rented properties used when determining the value.

If you believe your value is incorrect then you can make a proposal to alter it using this website.

Please view the video or follow the instructions detailed below.


  1. Start with a search. Go to the home page and enter your address or post code in the ‘Search for a Rateable Value’ box.
  2. Refine your search based on the displayed results until you can see your property.
  3. Click on the Ref No link for your property or the ‘View More’ button to see more information about your property.
  4. You will be taken to the Current Value Tab for your property and here you will see a button to “Make a Proposal”. Click that button to begin the process of completing your online proposal to alter your value.

As well as the ‘Make a Proposal’ button you may also see buttons which will take you to the valuation calculations and list of rented properties used to assess your value.