Return of Information Form

If you have received a Return of Information Form from your local Assessor you can make the return on- line from this website. This form should not be confused with the Assessor Information Notice requesting rental information that is also issued by the Assessor.

The Return of Information Form is usually issued annually and seeks confirmation of ownership etc details already recorded in the Valuation Roll. It also asks about physical changes that may have been made to the property and asks about the amount of rent currently paid (if any) whereas the Assessors Information Notice requesting rental information is designed to seek specific information about the lease between the proprietor (owner) and the tenant (occupier) (or between a tenant and sub-tenant etc). Completion of a Return of Information Form showing changes to tenancy etc details may prompt the Assessor to issue an Assessors Information Notice requesting rental information.

Clicking on the More… link below will take you to a log in screen, which has three fields, two of which are mandatory and are marked with an asterisk*.

“Assessor region” is a drop down menu from which you should choose the appropriate Assessor.

“UARN” is the Valuation Roll Property Reference Number which appears on the Return of Information Form issued by the Assessor and should be entered in the blank field.

In some Assessors’ areas the third field is also mandatory.

“Form ID” is a unique sequence number to identify individual Return of Information Forms for administrative purposes and also appears on the form issued to you.

If the Form ID is required or if incorrect data is entered clicking on the “Continue” button will result in the log in screen being returned with the missing data area(s) highlighted in red.

On completing the required field(s) clicking the “Continue” button will result in the “Return of Information” page being returned. You can now provide details of changes relating to the property. If there is “No Change”, you only need to complete your contact details at Part E of the form.

The fields to be completed coincide with the sequence on the printed Return of Information Form. There is a help facility and “pop-up” information if areas are not completed appropriately. At the end of the procedure you can choose to print off a copy of the form you have completed.

Access the log in screen