Shooting Rights

If you have received a Return of Information Shooting Rights Form or e-mail from your local Assessor you can make the return on-line from this website.

As a result of a change in legislation by the Scottish Government, Shooting Rights will appear in the Valuation Roll for non-domestic rates from 01/04/2017. The form is designed to seek specific information about the shooting rights on a land holding. The information submitted on the return will help the local assessor to determine the value of the shooting rights for non-domestic rates.

It is important that you complete the return to ensure the valuation of your shooting rights is accurate.

Clicking on the Shooting Rights Form link below will take you to a log in screen, which has three fields.

“Assessor Region” – this is mandatory. You should choose, from the drop down menu, the appropriate Assessor as shown on your form or e-mail.

“Reference Number” – Please enter the reference number as shown on the form or e-mail.

“Form ID” – If a Form ID is also shown on the form or e-mail, this field must be completed on the on-line return.

On completing the required field(s) clicking on “Continue” will take you to Part A of the on-line form.

There is a help facility for each part of the form and “pop-up” information if areas are not completed appropriately.

You can also upload maps etc. at various stages of the form in a variety of formats.

When you have completed the form you can print or save a copy. If you provide us with an e-mail address we can e-mail a pdf copy to you.

Shooting Rights Form