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Electoral Register

The Register of Electors 

The Register of Electors contains details of everyone who has registered to vote. It is used to determine who can vote at elections while the Register is in force. A new Register is published at least once a year, no later than 1st December. A revised version may be published at other times if, for example, major changes are made to the Register in the course of the year. To apply to register or update your details go to:

Register to Vote

The Electoral Registration Officer 

The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) is an official appointed by the local authority to prepare and maintain the Register of Electors. Throughout Scotland (with the exception of the City of Dundee and Fife) councils have appointed the local Assessor as ERO.

Register Updates 

The current version of the Register comes into force on or before 1st December each year and is updated on a monthly basis (except during the months of September, October and November) to reflect changes in people’s circumstances as they occur. For example, if you move house and update your details at '' early in March, your name could be added to the Register at your new address on 1 April.