News: June 2020

Scottish Assessors Association Portal – Mapping

23rd June 2020

In consultation with Scottish Government and Portal users we are introducing a new Portal Mapping Browser that is linked to our live Valuation Roll Portal database. We have added a map search icon for Rateable Value searches and a map view for valuation roll search results. Portal users will find this on both the home page and advanced search facilities.

Over 90% of all Valuation Roll properties can be shown on a map and we will seek to continuously improve this going forward. We welcome feedback on the map functions and if you have any suggestions for improvement, please send your comments to

TLS v1.2 upgrade

17th June 2020

The SAA Portal is upgrading the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to version 1.2 on Monday, 13th July to ensure compliance with national standards. After this date, older browsers may not be supported, including any Internet Explorer Browser prior to v11. Portal AALS users will also need to ensure compliance with TLS v1.2 and can email for more information.